Made to Order Mask-  Happy Fall- Dark

Made to Order Mask- Happy Fall- Dark

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Each mask is handmade from 2 layers of 100% cotton and has a built in filter pocket.  The outer layer is the print you see above and lining is a neutral cotton layer.  You get to chose the size, attachment options, and nosebar/no nosebar.

Please allow 4-7 days for the processing of your order.  You will receive a confirmation once your order has been prepared for shipping or pickup.

Quality Construction-
Each mask is cut by hand, edges finished, and put together by me in my home.  I am using the machines that my grandmother gave me when she stopped sewing.  I take pride in my work.  The mask is fully lined and all edges are finished. 

Size range
Adult-One size- Pleated- Fits most people especially if requested with ties!
Adult Large- accommodates larger faces.  (this is the size my partner, who is 6'3" & 240 lbs wears).
Adult Small- accommodates adults and teens. ( This is the size that I wear, and i'm  5'1")
Youth Large- built for kids roughly age 7-12
Youth Small - built for kids roughly age 3-6
Toddler- started as a custom size for my 2 year and her peers. This is the only mask that does not have a filter pocket.

Ties- are made of Bias tape and are a minimum of 35" - 55"
Elastic Ear loops-  exactly what they sound like, 1/4" elastic that sits comfortably behind your ears.
Elastic Behind your head- Elastic that can be slipped over your head like the ties, but made of elastic.

The nosebar is a ~3" piece of flexible aluminium that slides into a pocket sewn into the mask.   I recommend removing the nosebar before washing in the machine.

The fabric is washed prior to construction. Please wash them before you wear them.  Being 100% cotton they can handle a lot and are built to last!  I recommend removing the nosebar before washing in the machine.